Ballast for Marquees – what is it and why is it important?

Ballast (otherwise known as weight) is important for securing marquees because it adds weight and stability to the structure. Ballast is an alternative to pegging  a marquee and used where marquees are erected on concrete surfaces or when a peg may damage underground assets.

Ballast helps prevent the marquee from being lifted or moved by strong winds or other environmental factors, reducing the risk of damage to people or property. Ballast can come in various forms such as water barrels, concrete blocks, or sandbags, and it’s placement around the base of the marquee leg helps to keep it firmly in place. Ensuring proper ballast is used is crucial for the safety of both the structure and the people using it.

In Australia, there is a strict set of guidelines set by the industry body (HRIA) which Salters Hire Tasmania complies with using an array of weight sizes, depending on the marquee size erected.  Ballast is a necessary and ever increasing requirement in Tasmania and when installed correctly and under the guidelines set by the HRIA, provides our clients with confidence that a marquee erected by Salters Hire Tasmania, will withstand the dynamic weather conditions in Tasmania.

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