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Choosing a marquee

Marquee structures are an ideal way to create a unique outdoor event space. Salters Hire offers 3 main types of marquees for hire: DIY/self-erect, hoeckers and Wow Dome marquee structures.

Often we are asked what to consider when choosing one over the other. It may assist by considering the following points:

Guest Numbers

  • DIY/self erect marquees – suitable for guest numbers 5 to 50
  • Hoecker marquee structures – suitable for guest numbers 30 to 2,000
  • Wow Dome marquee structures – suitable for guest numbers 30 to 1,000

Weather conditions

  • DIY/self erect marquees – cannot be used in all weather – often susceptible to wind and adverse weather. Sides and walls can be removed only in still weather
  • Hoecker & Wow marquee structures – can be erected in most weather conditions. Hoecker & Wow structures are professionally structurally compliant and weather rated to be located anywhere in the state for up to six months at a time.

Customisation and decorating

  • DIY/self erect marquees – roof and side wall removal requires some adjustment and handling. Centre poles, side poles, ropes & pegs can affect layout, lighting and decoration and present some risk for guests.
  • Hoecker marquee structures – side walls easily open using a sliding system similar to curtains. No centre poles, side poles, ropes & pegs. Hoeckers have anchoring stakes through the side leg uprights. Optional flooring system can be installed. Blackout roof fabrics make the Structure warmer in winter, cooler in summer & allow better lighting effects, particularly for exhibitions. Decorations can be hung more easily as can lighting because of the hang points on the metal frame.
  • Wow Dome marquee structures – the nature of the material used in the structure lends itself to brilliant lighting features. Decorations, lighting and theming can also be easily installed using the tubular frame.  Their open plan layout sit at the premium end of the marquee market globally.

Budget – from lowest to highest $

  • DIY/self erect marquees
  • Hoecker marquees and Wow Dome marquees

To assist you to work out whether a marquee or DIY, Hoecker or Dome structure would suit your requirements, please contact us. Alternatively, please complete our Marquee Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page.