Defining and executing your wedding style – a checklist

  1. Define Your Vision: Start by envisioning the overall style and atmosphere you want for your wedding. Consider themes, colours, and aesthetics that resonate with you and your partner.
  2. Gather Inspiration: Browse through wedding magazines, websites like Pinterest, and social media platforms for inspiration. Save images and ideas that appeal to you to help clarify your vision.
  3. Choose a Colour Palette: Select a colour palette that reflects your style and complements the season and venue. Consider factors such as the mood you want to create and any cultural or personal significance behind certain colours.
  4. Consider Your Venue: Take your venue into account when determining your wedding style. Ensure that your décor and theme complement the setting, whether it’s a rustic barn, elegant ballroom, or scenic outdoor marquee location.
  5. Personalise the Décor: Infuse your personality and interests into the décor elements of your wedding. Incorporate meaningful details, such as family heirlooms, favourite hobbies, or shared experiences, to make your celebration unique
  6. Cohesive Design Elements: Aim for consistency and cohesiveness in your design elements, including invitations, signage, centrepieces, and floral arrangements. Consistent details will tie your wedding style together seamlessly.
  7. Focus on Texture and Layers: Add depth and visual interest to your wedding décor by incorporating various textures and layers. Mix materials like lace, satin, wood, and metallic accents to create dimension and richness.
  8. Pay Attention to Lighting: Lighting can dramatically enhance the ambiance of your wedding venue. Consider incorporating soft candlelight, string lights, or uplighting to create a romantic and inviting atmosphere.
  9. Don’t Overlook Small Details: Pay attention to small details like table settings, place cards, as they can contribute to the overall style and guest experience.
  10. Stay True to Yourselves: Ultimately, choose a wedding style that reflects your personalities and preferences as a couple. Whether it’s classic and timeless or bold and contemporary, staying true to yourselves will make your wedding feel authentic and memorable.
  11. Engage a stylist: Tasmania has some wonderful stylists who are experienced in making your wedding day special. Talk with us more if you have not found the right one.

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