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Pro-Event Floor – 3 colours (p/sqm)

$7.95$79.80 + GST

An extremely versatile and lightweight plastic tile flooring solution with a non-slip surface.

Profloor can be used in a large variety of ways for your next event

* Fully flooring your marquee and  keeping moisture from your guests feet

* Back of house catering, food service and bar areas

* Outdoor walkways as general ground protection from pedestrian traffic

* Installed throughout the marquee Profloor is also suitable as a dance floor surface

Profloor is available in, black, white or grey, and in combination with one-another.

This product is suitable for flatter surface areas only.

Labour and Delivery extra if Salters to install


Early ordering recommended (at least 21 days prior) to ensure stock availability. We will make contact to suggest an alternative where items are not available. No wear & tear fees.