Marquee speak: What is a gable?

In the context of marquees, a gable refers to the triangular section of fabric located at each end of the structure where the roof meets the sidewalls. In our structurally engineered marquees, the gables are installed into an engineered track creating a triangular shape.

Gables serve both functional and aesthetic purposes:

  1. Structural Support: Gables help to stabilize the structure and provide additional support for the roof, especially in windy conditions. They help to distribute tension and weight across the frame of the marquee, improving its stability.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Gables add visual interest to the marquee and can enhance its overall appearance. They can feature decorative elements such as clear fabric or branding opportunities, allowing for customisation to match the theme or style of the event.
  3. Wind and weather protection: enclosing both ends of the marquee provides ultimate weather protection.

Overall, gables are an integral part of marquee design, providing both structural integrity and aesthetic enhancement to the structure.

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