Are Black marquees hotter than white?

Yes, black marquees tend to absorb more heat than white ones. This is because darker colours absorb more sunlight and heat energy, while lighter colours reflect more of it. As a result, black marquees can become hotter inside compared to white ones, especially on sunny days.

Managing Director of Salters Hire Tasmania said ‘our clients love the look of our clear roofed marquees with white surrounds, however even those have caused havoc with guests due to their propensity to heat up in the sun, melting cheese platters along the way. Adding another colour that attracts the heat in the same way isn’t something we recommend for the comfort of marquee guests, unless there is a robust air conditioning system ducted throughout’.

When choosing a marquee for an outdoor event, it’s essential to consider factors such as the colour of the fabric and the potential impact on the comfort of guests and the overall atmosphere inside the structure.

Additionally, proper ventilation, shading, and cooling options can help mitigate the effects of heat buildup inside the marquee, regardless of its colour.

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